Do you know who left me? If not, can you help me find them? Exactly one year ago today, I was left on a ledge above the jukebox at The Londoner Addison in Dallas, TX. Fortunately for me

 I was soon adopted by a loving couple, who have since introduced me to many new friends around the world. Together, all of us at Keep Up With Klaven now have a mission: To EXPLORE, SHARE and INSPIRE others. So today, we are asking for your help in solving the mystery. Please SHARE this picture so that we may find my original owners and learn more about my past. I would love to share my new life with the people who brought me to America, and let them know that all is well. I am sure they had good intentions for me and would be pleased with what we have accomplished. When sharing, please use the hash tag #klavensquest and post this picture on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social medium you choose. Together, I am sure we can solve this mystery! Thank you! Keep Up With Klaven

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