As you may know by now, I am not a Lego. Read about my shock and dismay here when I first learned I was a ‘minority’, and not part of the Lego majority! After my adoption on December 26th, my adoptive family and I assumed that I was a Lego-man...

Only when we started doing some digging on my family history on, did it become apparent that I was something related, yet completely different! The mystery around where I came from became that much more….more…well, mysterious.

So I asked my family and FOKs for help! FOKs…that’s ‘Friends-of-Klaven’. It did not take long for them to come through! We found some of my brothers and sisters on the web. My eyes, if they were capable, would have shed tears of joy the first time I saw them all. I was not alone! There were others like me…I just needed to find them, to satisfy my natural desire to know my past.So who am I, you ask? I am a member of the ‘Character Building’ family of ‘micro-figures’! 

So where is Character Building toys? Who created me? Who gave birth to me? Where is my family now? As we dug deeper, answers emerged. Character Building is a toy company in Oldham, United Kingdom! The U.K.!? Gor Blimey, I thought. I’m British! Dog’s bollocks! This was truly exciting news for me, and it may help explain how I ended up orphaned in a British pub!‘

Not so fast’, my adoptive Dad said. ‘Looks as though you were conceived in England….but you were actually born in China. A city called Shenzhen’…….I was shocked! What next, I thought!Yes, my dad told me. You and your family were all born in Shenzhen. He showed me another picture of me with my brother and sister. All of us….Chinese.Well, we sure do not look Chinese. ‘Don’t worry!’ my dad said. ‘Think about it like this…you have dual-citizenship! You are unique!’ Unique, I thought? Really? I had not stopped to think about it like that. ‘Brit-nese’? ‘Chin-tish’? Crikey!! 欢乐时光!! Embrace my uniqueness! Embrace it, I will!

But wait…how did I get from Shenzhen to the Londoner? Where is my family now? How many of us are there? Still so many questions! It turns out that I was part of a limited-time collection in 2011! I truly am unique in more ways than I imagined! I say ‘was‘ because we now know that my family is also finite…we are not being ‘born’ any more in Shenzhen. We are a dying breed! I am ‘collectible’! 

I have mixed emotions about this discovery. On the one hand, my uniqueness is now certain. On the other, I feel face-to-face with my mortality. What do I do now? What does my past mean for my future?I am young. I have my health and a great new adoptive family. 

Armed with this knowledge, and with what I have learned about my past, I have a strong desire to find as many of my birth-family members as I can. While I do that, I also resolve to live my life to the absolute fullest! Combined with my new-found passions for helping others, for art, for music, for travel, my life’s work is really becoming more clear! Time to put my plans into action! Thanks for reading. Cheers and yum seng!

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